Sea Turtle visits Baby Mermaid Sculpture


Add a touch of whimsy and ocean magic to your home decor with this stunning Mermaid and Sea Turtle sculpture.

  • A baby mermaids sits offshore as a baby sea turtle visits and finds a new friend.
  • Handcrafted resin turquoise waters are calm, except for a small wave creating a gentle wisp in the water.
  • The beach is decorated with starfish, seashells and crushed coral for an authentic coastal feel.

This striking sculpture brings the wonders of the sea to life. Place it on your coffee table, bookshelf, or desktop to spark conversation and imagination.

For ocean lovers and beach dwellers, this sculpture makes a perfect gift. Surprise your seashell collecting niece or beachcombing friend with this charming nautical decor. It's sure to delight as a whimsical addition to any coastal, tropical, or boho chic home.