Sea Turtle Sculpture


Dive into tranquil waters with this eye-catching crushed glass and resin ocean sculpture featuring a graceful sea turtle.

  • Handcrafted details like real seashells and crushed coral capture the essence of the seashore

  • Soft blue hue evokes the color of tropical oceans

  • Smooth, fluid design creates a sense of motion and vibrancy

  • Blue shell sea turtle adds whimsy and ocean life

This breathtaking resin sculpture is a wonderful way to add a calming, coastal ambiance to any space. The sea turtle gliding gracefully through the waves will transport you to sunny shores. 

Ideal for beach lovers who want to bring the spirit of the sea into their home. This resin sculpture makes a serene decorative accent for a desk, shelf, or tabletop. Watch the light dance across its fluid waves and sea turtle as you enjoy memories of oceanside adventures. A unique nautical gift for friends or family who dream of crushed coral shores.